Whippet breeders know that whippets are pretty low maintenance dogs. Grooming the whippet isn’t hard work at all. They have a versatile temperament, which makes them a universal favorite. They share the basic needs of most dogs, which whippet breeders are very particular about.

Before anything else, breeders will want to ensure that they give the whippets to the right owner. Although they barely refuse interested parties, they would still like to make sure that the dog ends up in good hands. Ideal whippet owners would be the ones that possess genuine love for dogs. Dogs seek human companionship. Whippets in particular tend to grow bored when they are left to their own devices. They have high energy levels and seek companionship of either a human or another dog. Their temperament is very interesting. When you take them outdoors, they are not afraid to show off their immense energy. Whippets can sprint at the amazing rate of 35 miles per hour, although these dogs don’t have the best stamina. At the same time, they can be very behaved inside the house. You’ll catch them taking a nap in a corner or couch if they’re inside the house. The trick with the whippet is to give them an outlet for its bursts of energy so it doesn’t become very destructive in the house. Give them a toy, take them out for walks, or better yet, have them run around in a big yard. Whippets thrive on variety so don’t dwell too long on a repetitive activity.

The whippet is a sociable animal but it has to take some time to get used to a human or dog. The whippet will give an aloof impression but once it gets comfortable, the whippet will be its affectionate and sociable self. In fact, the whippet needs constant social interaction. You need to spend a minimum of an hour with your dog. You should highly consider putting your whippet under obedience training because their energy tends to be destructive if not channeled properly. In fact, whippet breeders encourage future owners to train their whippets for racing because of their notable speed.

Although the whippet is physically low-maintenance, you should provide a comfortable and warm spot for the dog in the house. They have thin coats and very lean structure. You will notice that they like to snuggle with their humans on the spot. Some whippets will even drag rags and cushions just to make themselves a warm spot. Whippet breeders advice future owners to provide a spot that’s enough to keep them warm.