Basic Whippet care should always start when your lovable Whippet is still a puppy. Not only will proceeding with properly caring for them would help you develop them into adult dogs with great personalities, but you will also be showing them the love that such canine companions deserve once they are domesticated as pets.

Whippet Care Tips

Proper Diet – Your Whippet puppies should receive proper meals that will enable them to get the proper nutrition that their body would need. Any dog food brand that you would find would do, but you have to ensure that such dog food will contain high levels of protein as well as the right nutrients that will help them develop their bodies into becoming full adults.

They will need to be fed three times a day, so you should ensure that you provide them with the right nourishment when it comes to liquids. Clean water as well as milk would be great, and avoid letting them drink sugary beverages.

Leash Training – You should start with basic Whippet care by ensuring your puppy is leash trained. You must approach the matter by guaranteeing your Whippet that a leash is something that is not negative. Feed the dog with a treat or two every time it allows for a leash to be put into it, which will show it that good behavior pleases you and that a leash is not something that is bad.

Potty Training – It is also necessary that you develop the proper potty training skills for your Whippet puppy. They may take a potty every 2 hours on a normal day as puppies. After every meal or drink they are expected to go potty 45 minutes afterwards. When you have leash trained them, guiding them towards the right spot for potty will be easier. On top of that, you will also learn to expect such routines daily, especially if you also follow a regular feeding habit with your Whippet puppy.

Crate Training – Another vital basic Whippet care, you should also ensure that you provide a comfortable crate for your Whippet puppy. While Whippets have a tendency to lounge about furniture, training them at a young age to get used to a lovely and comfortable crate will help them develop a sense of territory for the crate and will start sleeping or resting in it. Be aware however that Whippets are clean dogs, so you must ensure you keep their crates neat every now and then.

Grooming – As Whippets are naturally clean dogs, you will find that giving them a bath can be done every 4 to 6 weeks, or if the season requires you to, more often. While they are not big fur shedders, brushing their coat at least once a week will enable you to get out the stray hairs and keep their appearance in good shape. Toenail clipping is also necessary, but grinding can be done, and part of basic Whippet care also requires brushing of their teeth at least one a week with an excellent dog toothpaste brand.