A crossbreed of Greyhounds and an assortment of terrier breeds, the Whippet is a British hound dog originally used as a mouser and a vermin hunter.  However, they are now also excelling on dog races.  A Whippet has a height of 17 to 20 inches and a weight of approximately 28 pounds.  It also has a short, fine coat that comes with different patterns and colors.  In addition, a Whippet has superlative dexterity and agility but it is still known for its affectionate and gentle nature.  It is a very sensitive breed, thus, it is very essential for owners to be fair and patient with it during your training to avoid stressing them too much.

During Whippet dog training, owners should keep in mind that Whippets can easily get bored with repetitive training, thus, it is important to include various activities to keep their focus and interest.  One of the most important in training Whippets is regular agility training they would prefer to combine mental stimulation with physical exercises.  Owners should avoid scolding them because of their sensitiveness so it is also not smart to be harsh with them.  Positive reinforcement is the most effective approach during Whippet dog training so owners should be consistent and gentle.  It is also important for owners to portray an image of a pack leader to prevent their Whippets in developing small dog syndrome.

Patience is very important during Whippet dog training because even if Whippets are intelligent, it has slow learning capability.  However, if owners are rather patient and gentle, they can successfully train their Whippets for racing or other tasks.  Therefore, training Whippets is definitely a very rewarding experience.  Whippets can be taught their owners house rules as they are very obedient.  Moreover, training Whippets has its own benefits for the owners.  Trainers say that Whippet dog training can be very therapeutic because Whippets can teach owners how to control their temper and patience.

Owners should avoid training their Whippets if they are tired or upset due to Whippets sensitive nature.  Also, owners should only keep their training session short because of the dogs short attention span.  Avoid making a mistake and do not end the session in a negative note.  To make sure that Whippets are relaxed and excited for training, make sure to do training session after exercise and before meals.  Lastly, owners should praise success but ignore mistakes.