The whippet puppies are one of the most adorable dogs in the world. They grow up to be well-balanced sprinters, with quite a pair of strong legs to propel them forward. They can reach a height of 22 inches, and weigh up to 25 pounds.

Grooming and Maintenance

 Many people like the whippet puppy because of their coat, which is smooth and short. The texture of the coat is also soft, but with a firm likeness. Because the whippet puppy has a short coat, they are intolerant of cold weather. They prefer the temperate climates. If you are keeping a whippet puppy in a cold climate, make sure that you provide it with good protection from the weather. keep him indoors during winter months.

Activity and Temperament

In terms of activity, the whippet puppies are moderately active. They are built for speed, and that is why you should always remember to take them for a long walk or run around the park every day. You can have them unleashed, but make sure that there is very close supervision. They are not usually aggressive dogs, but they are very sensitive dogs mentally and physically.

What is great about the whippet puppies is that they are ideal indoor pets because of their calm, patient, and good temperament. They will not usually destroy your furniture. They are also ideal breeds because they are easy to groom and care for. They are one of those top dogs that require little maintenance, and they are also among the most stable dogs that are not susceptible to conditions that normally occur in other dogs.


In training and obedience, the whippet puppies will need a gentle handler, since they also have a sensitive temperament. While they may be sensitive, they are highly intelligent but will need a variety of approaches so the trainer can command their attention. Whippets are great in obedience training, and many people use them as working dogs.

Choosing Your Pup

When choosing your pup from a litter, you might as well know which ones are the alpha dogs and which ones are the subservient ones. Their personalities will already show when they are as young as 6 weeks old. Whippet puppies that seem sociable tend to be the healthier ones because they are more aggressive in feeding and milking. You will see that quiet pups tend to be slightly thinner than their siblings. Choosing the healthier pup also means choosing the alpha dog. You can tell by the weight and the size.

Overall, your whippet puppies are nothing to fear in terms of personality, temperament, training, obedience, and maintenance. In these five aspects, the whippet puppies are well-loved. However, their sensitivity must be matched to an owner who is gentle, affectionate, and controlled.

Whippet puppies are a great present for Christmas (assuming that you do not send them over to a cold climate!). They are ideal for families with kids, as the breed is very gentle, calm, and cool. Whippet puppies live up to 12 years old on the average.