You may have heard about whippet rescue but what is it all about? Here are some things about whippet rescue you should know about:

  • Rescues take in dogs whose stays in their first homes didnt work out or have fallen on hard times making caring for a whippet impossible. Rescues take care of medical needs, assess temperaments, and address behavioral issues to make the dogs healthy and happy again. Most of the rescues youll encounter are operated by volunteers, but each one will be different from the other. Some can be large organizations with traditional ties to national breed clubs. Some may be independent. Some are regional in scope. Some are local. Rescues can also have individual or group volunteers.
  • Rescued dogs can come from different places. Some are from local animal shelters, bailed out when there are just too many for the local authorities to take care of. Some come from their owners directly, sent by their families to a rescue because they are no longer able to keep them. Some whippets are just found abandoned. Some are also rescued through the efforts of other concerned citizens.
  • A lot of the dogs whippet rescue centers take in are from loving homes where they received great care and attention. It was just unfortunate that their family had to give them up for various reasons, like severe financial distress, moving homes, and divorce. They are used to being around people and so they will not be a problem being adopted. However, those who have been rescued after being neglected or mistreated will need a little bit more time before being released as a candidate for adoption, undergoing training and therapy to help them ease back into being around people and other animals. Rescuers will not release dogs for adoption until serious physical and behavioral problems have been addressed, unless the adopter is capable of handling the dog. Even so, the adopter will be fully informed about all the information a rescue has on a certain dog.
  • Whippets these days are no longer raced commercially so there arent many rescued pooches that come from the tracks. And just because a whippet races, it is not a reason enough to call whippet rescue on your neighbor. In the same way that show dogs compete, racing whippets take on the toll of racing, but its ok because they are well-loved and taken care for by their owners when they are not racing.