Getting your Whippet puppies to undergo Whippet training is the best should you decide to add these dogs as part of your family. When it comes to actually outfitting them with the skills necessary to make for raising them properly, you will find that you will be able to curb their naturally playful and agile personalities and turn them into well behaved pets.

Proper Whippet Training for Puppies

Whippets are a breed of dogs that are derived from a cross between Greyhounds and Terriers, which is a great way one to utilize their capabilities of being independent. As they are of the Sighthound breed, Whippet puppies will eventually gear up to be far more independent when they grow up. Because they have naturally been bred for use in the hunting game, they will naturally work into becoming quite independent, which can pose to be a difficulty in training.

One thing that you should do is establish basic rules when it comes to Whippet training at such an early age. These puppies will go about being their playful and whimsical ways so you must be able to show them that you are to be followed. The best way to do such is to establish a specific routine for them while they are young. Make sure you feed them and walk them for potty and the like at regular times of the day, so they will be able to establish a uniform sense of time and expect that you will be putting them up for such.

This part of Whippet training will help encourage good behavior in the dog, and they will be more obedient and will end up working for house training, as well as crate training and leash training. When it comes to the leash, remember to proceed lightly but firmly and to provide rewards for your puppy when he follows your commands.

When you are able to leash train your Whippet puppy, you can go about and let him socialize. This will work best for your puppy, as the Whippet will be more familiar with strangers and will develop proper behavioral skills. Whippets have a high prey drive though, so make sure you stand firm when they start pulling on the leash or walking too fast out of excitement. Reward your Whippet with a pat or a treat when it learns to start walking by your side. This way, it will know that it is doing right and it will go and do the same thing when you take the dog out next time around.

Whippets are naturally social animals though, and they have been known to be fond of people. As puppies, they can end up being too playful and destructive though, so make sure they behave properly. They like running games and being active, so make sure you let them go about fenced yards and dog parks to exercise. This is an essential part of Whippet training, and you will find that as they grow, they will become calmer and composed than they were as puppies.