Hailed as the Ferrari of the Canine World, Whippets are among the fastest dogs ever bred. Whippets are a member of the sighthound family, and were bred to hunt using sight and speed as opposed to endurance and scent like scent hounds do. They are playful and active creatures who bear physical resemblances to the Greyhound. They are often sent to compete in lure course racing and dog shows, and are estimated to run at 36 mph. Incredibly active and energetic, the whippet isn’t as intense as some people might think. They are actually gentle and quiet dogs that are content spending countless hour resting and staying indoors. They are friendly, loyal, and good with children. Because of these traits, whippets are a popular choice in aged care facilities. They may, however, jump or bark at other animals or strangers in an effort to protect their owners when threatened.


Whippets are considered as a medium sized dog, with their weight averaging from 15 to 30 pounds and a height of 18.5 to 20 inches. Females tend to be a little shorter with their heights averaging out between 17.5-18.5 inches. Whippets in Canada and the United States are somewhat larger.

Coat Care

Whippets have a short, dense coat that’s soft to touch. Because of the length of their coat, little maintenance is necessary to keep whippets looking well groomed. All you need to do is to brush his coat with a natural bristle brush twice a month. They are a short-haired breed and shed very little. To keep the dog shiny, rub the coat with a chamois cloth.

Family Life

Whippets are friendly and loyal dogs that are quiet when inside but energetic when outside. Hence, they are fantastic companions indoors. Whippets are used in aged care facilities because of their affection and loyalty. They do great with small children and love being around people they know. However, whippets may jump or bark at animals and strangers they do not know. Small pets such as cats, mice, or hamsters should never be made to roam around whippets.


The whippet requires a family that is affectionate and somewhat active. They are good with almost all families, given that children do not tease or roughhouse.


Whippets have been bred to perfection for many years, making them a structurally sound breed that’s free from health problems. The Kennel Club puts whippets in the fit for function vital criteria. With proper exercise, vet care, and nutrition, whippets can live to about twelve to fifteen years.


Whippets require walking at least four times a week, but they should never be roughly trained for they are both mentally and physically sensitive.


Whippets are bred to listen to their masters, and therefore, are very easy to train because of their eagerness in learning. While whippets are generally independent in their mindset, most whippets will be very eager to please their masters. Whippets are generally trained with positive training because of their independent nature. They tend to bore very quickly so be sure to have variation in your training.